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Rich Fischer


Rich Fischer made the commitment to learn to paint. Always a doodler, Rich never had any formal training. Inspired and fascinated with Jerry Yarnell’s PBS painting program Rich took his first class with Jerry in April of 2006. Since then with much practice and mentoring by Jerry Yarnell, Rich has been recognized for his artistic talent within the art community and achieved awards with Paint America Top100 in 2009, Paint America Top100 in 2010, Top 100 for Paint the Parks 2010. Today with the support, love and critiquing of his wife Cheryl and Jerry Yarnell, Rich has finally been able to pursue his dream of becoming an artist and is dedicated to fulfilling other people’s passion of art by providing lessons to those who desire to learn the art of creating their own masterpiece. Successfully earning the title of Yarnell Certified Instructor.

Rich is a Yarnell Certified Artist and Instructor.

Rich and Jerry Yarnell

With Master Artist Jerry Yarnell

Upcoming Workshop

The one-day open class: 1-Day Open Workshop:
We will have an Open Workshop to assist with any painting you are either working on or want to try. Feel free to bring in a painting where you may be stuck, or bring in an idea you’ve been thinking of tackling. We will provide any assistance possible to help you. Oil or Acrylic.

2-day class, discovering figure painting in oils. Please bring a 16″x20″ stretched canvas (Or if preferred any size up to 18×24). We will paint from a live photo reference. You will learn how to build up your painting to brilliant highlights, as well as how to create a moody background and proportion your focal point of the painting. The aim of this class is to teach how to compose and execute a figure painting from a photograph

Date: Feb 21, 22 & 23 (2019)

The Gallery

Showcase of Rich Ficher’s Fine Art Painitng

Workshop Schedule

With Master artist Jerry Yarnell, Rich is running Yarnell School of Fine Art National Workshops in various locations.

Videos with Rich

A fun way to see how Rich paints some amazing pictures.

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